10 ‘Before-and-After’ Photos That Will Make You Rethink Everything You See On Social Media

on Mar, 31 2017 in Inspirational 12516 views
For several years women have been living in a world where extreme beauty standards exist. Beauty is such a cookie cutter definition when it comes to most forms of advertisement and entertainment. Only recently has this stigma started to shift ever so sightly.

The rise of social media has both contributed to an helped with this problem. With more and more young girls becoming invested with the internet, there are even more expectations and competition for girls to handle.

However, despite many photos online appearing perfect and flawless, they might not actually be depicting the complete truth.

Certain things like lighting, angles, and time of day can contribute to an image appearing one way when in reality the person may look very different. A recent trend has hit social media in which women have been taking before and after photos of their body taken usually on the same day and after a short period of time. It’s refreshing to see the natural curves every woman has and it’s also interesting to see some of the ways girls hide them.