14 Creepiest Things Ever Found In The Woods...Caught On Camera

on Apr, 08 2017 in Creepy/Scary 5900 views
Like much of our world, the woods are full of dark and horrifying mysteries. Plenty of horror stories have been told of the terror that takes place behind the usually thick vegetation, and not all the stories have even had the ability to be told. We ask the age-old question: if a tree falls in the forest and nobody’s around to hear it, does it make a sound? In almost the same way, if something terrifying happens in the forest and we didn’t snap a photo of it, did it really happen?

Luckily, with the use of trail cameras that are put in place to capture wildlife, we have been able to get a glimpse at some of the sinister things that take place when the trees think nobody’s looking. The forest is full of mysterious tales of creatures and urban legends of terrifying killers. Every forest in every area has some sort of horror story to tell, and luckily, we have some photographic evidence of terrifying things that have occurred. Not all of the photographs on the list are ones taken from trail cameras. Others are pictures of terrifying things that have happened throughout history in various forests and other horrifying images that we won’t be able to forget.

If you have any scary pictures you’ve taken in the woods, share them with us after reading this! Let us know which one makes you want to never step foot in the woods again. Here are 14 Most Chilling Images Taken In The Woods.