15 Of The Creepiest Found Footage Videos On The Internet

on Mar, 12 2017 in Creepy/Scary 8770 views
Some of the most successful videos on YouTube are ones without polished production value or top-billed internet celebrities. A vast majority of the best viral hits are the ones that weren’t necessarily intended to get billions of views. These videos, with their shaky camera work, poor sound quality, grainy quality and one in a million occurrences aren’t anything new. They’re called “found footage” videos and they’ve been around for decades. For some people, found footage is a passion and they spend hours scouring second-hand stores, their grandparents’ basements and weekend yard sales for a chance to get their hands on a bit of odd and obscure media from another time and, thankfully for our sake, they’ve been kind enough to share these mysterious bits of history with the internet.

Found Footage has no set parameters and can be pretty loosely defined. Some are downright hilarious. While others are completely horrifying. Some of the best were seen once twenty years ago, thought to be extinct, and then recovered. A lot of found footage have mysterious or even scary roots and were recovered from some pretty weird and or awful locations and anybody can make one, from wannabe reporters, to would-be paranormal investigators and even mass-murderers.

Sure, movies like VHS, Cloverfield, and The Blair Witch Project have popularized the genre, but all of these are simply Hollywood make believe attempts at cashing in on the real thing. So, take a closer look at what inspired these kinds of films. Let’s dust off the VCR, bust out the projector and turn out the lights to discover 15 of the creepiest found footage videos on the Internet.