15 Shocking Celebrity Paranormal Encounters

on Mar, 16 2017 in Celebrities 8275 views
Even celebrities have paranormal experiences. Some of them keep it to themselves, while others come out and reveal to the world what they’ve seen. These celebrities might have seen ghosts, aliens, or had a near death experience where they’ve “seen the light.” Whatever their experience was, it definitely took a lot of courage to come out and reveal to the world that what they saw was real. Celebrities are in a position where they’re easily ridiculed, and saying that they’ve experienced the paranormal could ruin their reputation.

It’s so important that celebrities come out and share their paranormal experiences with the world. People look up to celebrities and actually listen to them. Many other people who have come forward and shared their experiences with the paranormal are shut down, dismissed, and ridiculed. But celebrities demand the world’s attention, and their confessions make the whole paranormal world seem much more credible. Although still these notions are dismissed by the scientific community, who demand proof, celebrities coming forward with their experiences is a great start to get people to accept the truth.

But do celebrities really give that much credence to the world of paranormal activity? I mean, let’s face it, a lot of celebrities are completely insane. Especially actors. Those people have a reputation for being off their rockers. So maybe the fact that they’re coming forward and asserting their belief in ghosts and UFOs isn’t actually helping the legitimacy of these things… Maybe it just makes everyone who believes in this seem even more insane. Either way, these are some interesting stories told by people in the media spotlight, and some might just make you question reality…