7 Pictures Showing Why Men And Women Are So Different

on Mar, 18 2017 in Life Style/ Culture 7031 views

#1 Life After Breakup

For man first day is quite happy. But within a week he start feeling sad. And In a month sensitive man may start crying

Women case is just opposite. On first day they feel the pain and are quite sad. After a week, they come into normal position. In a month, they will treat themselves as a free bird.


#2 Getting Ready For Work

A man usually woke up at 7 in the morning and within 10-15 minutes he completes all the work like brushing, washroom and wearing clothes.

While women need more than 2 hours to complete these works after they woke up.

#3 Checking Social Media Account After Long Time

If a man uses his social media account after long time he finds only two or three notifications there.

In the similar case, we can see hundreds of messages, friend requests and notifications on the woman’s account.


#4 Organising Desktop

A man has only four to five icons on his desktop including recycle bin arranged in good manner.

While you will find a lot of folders and unused icons on a woman's desktop that are randomly placed.


#5 Picking Up A Shampoo

Man doesn’t take much care about their hair and picks a random shampoo. They only see whether there is the name as shampoo on that product.

When speaking about woman, they pick a shampoo after checking out plenty of factors like brand, aroma, ingredients, reviews, price, popularity and a lot more.