How To Get Her In The Mood As Told By Her Zodiac Sign

on Apr, 20 2017 in Zodiac/Horoscope 5378 views

#1 When seducing an Aries, don't hold back.

Aries lovers are intensely sexual, and are practically insatiable. They will want you to be bold and make the first move. Don't be tentative; grab them and kiss them passionately. Also, don't hold back on telling them, in detail, how amazingly hot and irresistible they are, and feel free to contradict them. They find verbal debate incredibly arousing.


#2 When seducing a Taurus, go slow.

People with the zodiac sign Taurus, might act slow and undetermined. However, they always win the race of seduction. They want to savor and prolong each single moment during the seduction phase. So when attempting to seduce them, use every single romantic trick from the books. Flowers on the first date…checked…Open the door for them…checked… Ridiculous amounts of presents…checked…Put your target in a seduction mode, by telling a lot of spicy jokes.
Taurus tends to seduce the object of their desire with thoughtful presents. With many blow-your-mind gestures they will eventually get what they want.

#3 When seducing a Gemini, show off your big brain.

In order to seduce a Gemini, you need to put a lot of effort into winning their heart - surprise them with gifts, take them to places they've not yet visited, etc. They don't need any reason to be lavished with gifts. They simply adore attention, presents and compliments.


#4 When seducing a Cancer, do it old-school.

Cancer people are known for their tender hearts. So when planning to seduce one, try the sensitive approach. Express your honest feelings and your own interests to save the world. Make them a home-prepared dish and they`ll love you for a lifetime. Set the mood by adding a romantic note to the dinner. Never forget to express your true intentions, and before kissing a Cancer always ask for permission.
Cancers seduce with constant and loyal care for the significant other. They aim to please, so first they`ll try to take away all of the troubles of their partner.


#5 When seducing a Leo, stroke their ego.

Make a Leo the center of attention and they′re yours. It′s impossible to give a Leo too many compliments. They′d like you to be playful and mysterious and will chase after you if you give them some space, but don′t forget they like to be chased after too. Leos like dates at flashy, expensive restaurants and if you shower them with compliments during dinner they′ll be dying to get with you.