One Honest Mom Shows The Reality Of Her Changing Postpartum Baby Bump

on Feb, 10 2017 in Amazing 20186 views
Considering the amazing transformation a woman's body goes through during pregnancy, it should come as no surprise to anyone that her body remains different, even after the baby is born.
What does surprise some people (usually the disappointed moms themselves) is how different their bodies are.
And for how long.
Thankfully, the rise of social media and outspoken body-positive celebrities have brought more awareness and acceptance, meaning fewer women end up in the labor recovery room feeling completely blindsided by the fact that they still look eight and a half months pregnant. Julie Bhosale, mom of two and writer at The New Mum’s Nutritionist, is doing her part to normalize (and reduce the shock of) real postpartum bodies by sharing these honest photos of herself, taken for fourteen weeks following the birth of her second son.