The Heartbreaking Moments People Got Caught Cheating With Their Coworkers

on Apr, 18 2017 in Confessions 12949 views
Getting caught cheating is simultaneously the cruelest and dumbest thing you can do, and publicly shaming someone for doing it seems to be one of the more common strategies for people who’ve been slighted. What’s the worst way to get called out? Social media. After all, people have been horrible, cruel morons forever, but now we have the Internet to permanently preserve their idiocy for generations.
When you spend 40 hours and up a week with someone, sometimes the lines between work relationship, friendship, and something more can begin to blur. If you are already having problems in your relationship at home, it's even easier to start falling for a colleague. But no matter what the circumstances that led to the cheating, it doesn't make it any less heartbreaking for your partner when they eventually find out.

Whisper users share the Heartbreaking Moments they Got Caught Cheating With Their Coworkers and Their experiences are horrifying, heartbreaking, and hilarious in equal measures — but every story also proved that it's possible to overcome this awful experience and emerge a stronger person.
Here are a few of the dumbest examples. Shall we begin?