These Kids Who Attempt The 'Hell Challenge' Are Flirting With Death

on Mar, 14 2017 in WTF/OMG 4276 views
Growing up, it seemed like there were so many ways to get in trouble with my parents in any given situation.

Depending on what I said, did, whose hand I didn't shake, who I wasn't respectful towards, what part of my dinner I didn't eat, what order I ate dessert in, all of them were candidates for a smack. I'm not saying I got hit a lot, but what I am saying is that my father and mother were really good at convincing me that a slap was imminent at any minute, so I was walking on eggshells most of the time.

And I sure as hell didn't think I could ever get away with cuss words around my parents. Even now, as a grown man with a wife and a kid, I try to keep my language more PG around my folks. So when I heard of the hell challenge, I started to cringe at the thought of saying "hell" around my folks growing up.