Woman’s Sweet Note For Pregnant Waitress After Leaving $900 Tip Goes Viral

on Dec, 28 2016 in Inspirational 22276 views
Having a baby is expensive. There are so many things to get ready before the newborn arrives like; diapers, onesies, car seat, blankets, small towels, wipes, and the list goes on. Expectant parents find a lot of joy shopping for tiny socks and outfits for the baby.

Still, as much as you want to prepare for every possible thing the baby will need, you can only stretch your pay cheque up to a point. Sarah Clark is a server and bartender at the Pita Jungle restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona. She is on the last weeks of her pregnancy but that has not stopped her from working.

She is trying to make as much money as possible before her January 8, 2017 due date. Her fiancee is about to have knee surgery which will not allow him to work right away. Hence, every dollar spent will go a long way.